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Scarlet Byrne

You’ve finally found me! And I couldn’t be more excited to welcome you into my exclusive world where sensual energy flourishes and romance abounds. Are you ready for a new lease on life inspired by a vivacious, passionate and beautiful woman? Imagine a spiraling sense of ecstasy that will liberate you from the daily complexities of life as we partake in nothing but intimate luxury. Is this just your imagination running away with you? Or perhaps fantasy turning into reality just beyond this page…

Well, my darling. There’s only one way to find out.

Where passion awaits,

I come from down under and posses a curious, playful, easy going and vivacious nature. My style of dress tends to reflect a refined, natural elegance though my playful side has no problem wearing flared pants in fun colors.

As a woman with a passion for travel, I simply love fine dining and sampling unique cuisines from around the world. Avid Argentinian Tango dancing is a serious past time and I’ve even taken up ballroom dancing.

As a former property investor, all aspects of real estate and architecture fascinate me. I am even considering interior decorating as an aspiring career. To call myself an avid reader might be an understatement because I tend to collect heaps of books. My favorite genres include historical fiction, biographies, fantasy, philosophy and spirituality. I’m quite sure we’ll have tons in common!

Behind closed doors in quite another story. I am well-versed in Tantra and light BDSM. Do you have a fantasy that you’d like to explore? I guarantee that you will feel safe and liberated in my presence.

With endless intrigue in the wonder and beauty of nature, I take great delight soaking in a hot mineral pool after an exhilarating hike (with my suitor by my side, of course). My tastes in music vary. I enjoy dressing formally for a night at the opera or symphony just as much as I like sporting a pair of my favorite jeans for an outdoor concert in a mountain winery.

Ah, yes. Guilty pleasures – don’t we all have at least a few? Every now and then, I’ll carve time out of my schedule to drench myself in a steamy bath. I may even pour a spot of vino and nibble on a few bites of chocolate. Decadent? Absolutely!

Upon meeting, you’ll immediately notice my radiant energy and a smile that will light up yours. I exercise on a regular basis, incorporating a blend of yoga, pilates and weight training. And my lips… they are so succulent and kissable. I’ve a feeling that you’ll be flushed with excitement and simply not know where to begin.

I choose to be your companion because I savor intimacy, adventure, sensuality and romance. It really is my joy to create a priceless experience together.


If we have spent time together and you feel that our engagement was amazing, I’d love to hear from you! Please click on the link below and send me your thoughts and feelings about our time together (in a tasteful manner, of course) to be posted here on my website.


Skisea says…

Scarlet is a dream to be with and have as a lover! She is prompt, and professional yet friendly and flirty in her emails.My anticipation keeps building with every sexy message going back and forth until I start counting the hours until I will be with her. What can I say about Scarlet that hasn’t been detailed already? She is my favorite Courtesan, hands down; and there is no-one that even comes close to her special and alluring skills. I have been fortunate enough to have known Scarlet for several years, and I do not know how she does it. She keeps getting hotter every time we meet, sexier and our chemistry explodes. Hurry up and try to see her. She has inspired me to write my first review because she is at the apex of the profession. Few, if any, can compare, believe me!

Voyager13 says…

I’ve recently changed my hobbying style, going on less dates, but enjoying longer dates or dates with ladies in a different price range than I used to. It’s sort of a bucket list of dates I always thought I’d like to try! Such was my date with Scarlet, who I have wanted to see since her first review. After that much time and anticipation, I wondered if I might have unrealistic expectations, but I needn’t have worried. Scarlet exceeded my considerable dreams in every way! When she opened the door to her hotel room I was stunned by the beauty in front of me. Her pictures are great but she is even better looking in person. I had told her that I liked a professional, classy look and she was wearing a sexy black dress with a lacy top, black hose and heels. The outfit highlighted her slender waist, full bust and absolutely gorgeous legs. We exchanged our first kiss and then sat on a couch getting to know each other. Conversation flows easily with Scarlet, who is totally down to earth and sweet, and makes you feel like she is fascinated by you and is loving getting to know you.

Riceboat says…

Scarlet is many things. As great as the bedroom special effects were, I can honestly say I enjoyed getting to know Scarlet even more. She will be the best GFE experience you’ve ever had. But the bottom line is: she is a delightful, classy woman, with the greatest outlook on life! She is a bundle of positive energy, and she will leave you feeling the same way! She will melt your heart and boil your blood, all at the same time!

KTLGMO75 says…

Since I am always searching for the best of the best, I have to say that Scarlet is a keeper. Beautiful, smart and easy to talk to. A true courtesan. Scarlet is the best of the best and I have already told her to save me a date in September when I am back in SF

Thunder4U22 says…

Scarlet is absolutely a total blast to be with in every sense of the word. She is a wonderful and classy gal that you just want to hold tight and love her to death and never let go – for sure!! I will never forget this overnight date. I Love you to death Scarlet Sweetheart. Hope we can do this overnight again soon. Three Roses for You Sweetie: -Today-Tomorrow-and Forever.

SebastianTombs says…

I had met Scarlet briefly at an “industry” event. Her reputation had preceded her. By all accounts she was an exceptional courtesan. She looked stunning. I enjoyed very much a quick conversation with her, no more, but sensed some chemistry, which I quickly decided must be further explored. Scarlet is brilliant company. A beautiful, smart and interesting lady. The perfect GFE with a hint of PSE. Devoted to giving you the best time, and she did. I will be back. Don’t miss her.

Freddy7478 says…

Scarlet has an enviable reputation over several years, and I finally decided to see her. I regret waiting so long for my first visit. Her website itself is a work of art, and gives you an idea of the level of beauty, class, and sophistication you will enjoy when you meet her. You get an EXCELLENT representation of her appearance from her pictures. Very classy and elegant lady. She has a youthful appearance and sweet personality, with the experience and worldliness that will put you right at ease and will make you feel welcome right away and enthrall you in the bedroom. Our talk included her many and varied interests and classes (both as a student and as a teacher!), her travels and her many questions about my interests and passions. Really a genuine pleasure to communicate with such a sophisticated and elegant courtesan who comes packaged in such a breathtaking body — my mind was on our conversation, but my eyes were roving over her face and body, anticipating what was to come. Scarlet may be the ultimate temporary girlfriend — in mind and body. Truly a mind-meld in my case.

Infatuated says…

OMG! What an amazing lady. Where to start? I could say she is beautiful.She is. I could say she has an amazing body. She does. I could say she has a brilliant personality, smart, easy going, interesting, engaging and fun! She does. I could say she is highly sexual and extremely skilled in the bedroom. She is. I could say she has great taste in restaurants and matters culinary. She does. But what I will see is that it’s the whole package which is so intoxicating. I am indeed infatuated. On Monday I will make three appointments. The first with a therapist to curb my ardour. The second to my bank manager to arrange a low interest Scarlet loan. The third for an extended booking somewhere exotic with Scarlet. She is simply that special.
June, 2018


San Francisco•Washington DC•London

I am quite versed in travel and would love to come to you! In this case, I do require a business class airfare and 20% deposit. If re-scheduling is required, your deposit will be applied to a future escapade.





2 hours | 1500
4 hour dinner date | 2200
12-14 hour overnight |4000
24 hours | 6000
Couples (love my trios!) 2 hours | 1800
If you would like to extend our time together, it’s an additional 300 per hour
For extended engagements, please see my Travel page

Do you long for a travel companion to take intimacy to a whole new level? As the hassles of life come to an end, so begins our romantic story. Whether we plan spontaneously or in advance, my passport and sense of adventure are ready to go, schedule allowing. Traveling with me is always relaxing, engaging and sensuous. I am organized and easy going with a great sense of humor. There is nothing more memorable than sharing special moments in life together – tasting delicious cuisine while invigorating our senses with art, history, culture and foreign languages. With so much chemistry and attraction, we’ll find ourselves nearly inseparable at the conclusion of each engagement!




48 hour minimum

First class or business class airfare

2 days | $10,000

3 days | $13,000

Additional 24hrs after 3 days | $2000



I long to explore the rich, cultural heritage and breathtaking attractions of the second largest continent of the world.



From the black sands of Santorini to the festivities of Mykonos, Greece is considered the cradle of Western civilization and most definitely at the top of my travel list.



Let’s explore this country with romantic fervor! From the Royal Palace in Madrid to the hip capital of the Catalonia region in Barcelona, delicious cuisine, art and architecture will entertain us forever.


In order to secure our rendezvous, I require the following:

  • Airfare and travel costs paid in advance
  • 20% of my appreciation must be received in order to confirm travel dates
  • The balance may be delivered when we meet unless prior arrangements have been made

Sensual interaction between two people opens the doors to a pathway of harmony and erotic adventure. Nurturing the human connection between close friends is a lifestyle that comes natural to me. As a result, long term relationships tend to evolve with ease. When we discover mutual attraction, the tone is set for a fabulous tryst, don’t you think? Our union will always be held in utmost confidence.






Companion references, reach me by email

Were you once NatashaNZ?

Yes! I loved being Natasha but have always favored the name Scarlet because it fits me perfectly. I have built an impressive reputation as Natasha. But there comes a time in a girl’s life when she is ready to turn a new leaf and that is why I chose to change my name to Scarlet Byrne.

Why do You hide your face in your photos?

Though my smile, brilliant green eyes and prominent bone structure are some of my best assets, I prefer to remain private in order to protect my personal life. When we are out together we will remain discreet.

What if I need to cancel our trip?

I understand that life can get in the way at times. Your deposit will be applied to future escapes for up to one year.

Do I need to request an engagement in advance?

I would be most grateful! As a planner, I would appreciate as much advance notice as possible.

Do you see couples?

I enjoy spending time with couples very much. I am a truly bisexual woman and feel quite comfortable connecting with a man and a woman in an intimate environment.

Can you bring along a girlfriend to join us?

Absolutely. I have sizzling chemistry with a very special girlfriend. We enjoy overnights and weekends away together. You will be the envy of every guy.

Just the fact that you are a gentleman who thinks of those unspoken nuances means the most to me. Should you ask, I do fancy the following…